Call : 1-833-40-CRAFT ( 27238 )

Call : 1-833-40-CRAFT ( 27238 )

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We’re happy to hear you’re interested in building with CRAFT. Now that your Clarity Call is scheduled let’s get an idea of any questions you might have. 

About ADUs

What is an ADU?

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are also known as “detached accessory dwelling units (DADUs), secondary dwelling units, coach houses, carriage houses, laneway homes, backyard homes/suites, in-law suites, or granny flats. There can be some distinctions between these terms, but in general accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a legal and regulatory term for a secondary house or apartment that shares the building lot of a larger, primary home. 

ADUs cannot typically be bought or sold as separate properties. 

ADUs can be attached or integral to the primary residence or separate buildings. Such as a basement apartment. 

The establishment and use of an ADU will fall under different zoning rules and regulations that are established by local housing authorities. 

CRAFT Modular homes are designed specifically to be used as detached ADUs. 

Where can I put an ADU or modular home?

The regulations that govern where you can place a modular home or ADU, and any limitations such as size, are set by your local municipal or regional housing authority. 

ADUs fall under a specific set of regulations as these are homes that are additional dwelling units on a property that has a primary residence. Typically, municipalities only allow them in the rear yard. 

What inspections are required by the city for the ADU?

The regulations that govern the installation of a modular home are similar to those for the building of any house.  

The difference is that building inspections are limited to the installation of a modular home, and the design and construction is approved in the permitting process through demonstrating to the building authority that the house has been manufactured to applicable codes and regulations. 

The manufacture of the CRAFT ADUs is certified under the CSA A277 Standard. 

The CSA A277 standard specifies the procedure for certification of prefabricated buildings, and partially or fully enclosed modules and panels for buildings of any occupancy. The standard provides requirements for certification of the factory quality program and certification of the prefabricated product. 

What is the maximum size allowable for an ADU?

Municipalities differ in what the allowable dimensions are for ADUs. Refer to your local municipal zoning bylaws for the details on ADU size and other requirements 

Helpful Links 

For Ontario: https://www.ontario.ca/page/add-second-unit-your-house 


How soon could I obtain an ADU?

We are currently accepting orders for delivery this year and 2024 delivery. The average current lead time for delivery is 120 days. 

Tell us when you would like to take delivery of a unit and we will advise on a forecast delivery date before you place your order. 

If you are interested in starting to plan to obtain one or more units, there are two options: 

  1. Waitlist – Visit our Reservation Page where you can join a free waitlist and we will keep you up to date by e-mail on the production lead time if it changes. 
  2.  Priority Reservation – For those who have more solid plans, you can put down a $197 deposit to reserve unit(s) in the production schedule while we work out the details of your order. 
When will the Medio be available?
Delivery of the Medio is forecast to start in early 2024
Do you offer a 2-3 bedroom unit?

There are designs for a 2-3 bedroom unit in progress for introduction as early as 2024. Plans are not yet confirmed. 


What is included in the base price?

The base price for the unit is for a completed home ready for delivery and installation on your property. Refer to the specifications provided for each model for a complete description of what is included with the unit. 

The base price does not include options (for example appliance package), or upgrades (such as solid wood siding). 

Other costs not included in the base price include planning costs such as engineering studies and permitting, as well as project costs including transportation and delivery, site preparation, foundation and connection of the unit to services (electrical, water, wastewater, natural gas). 

What is the cost of installation?

Estimated costs of installation, range from $20K to $50K. However, these costs can vary widely depending on the build site, foundation type, how services are provided, and the requirements of the local building authority for permitting. 


What is the process for acquiring an ADU?

We will work with you to confirm that one of our models is a good fit for your requirements. 

You may need to employ a planning and/or engineering consultant to address questions related to your property (grading, service connections, etc.) 

Once you are confident you can locate an ADU/modular home on your property, -we will finalize your order, and provide an estimate of the timing for delivery. 

We will provide you with a shipping quote as part of your contract with us, and we may be able to include craning depending on location. 

You will be required to coordinate work to prepare the site and install the modular home, this may include hiring a general contractor to oversee the installation. We can support the general contractor to ensure they have the information required to install the model. 

Do you offer installation of the homes?

We do not offer planning, site preparation and installation as part of our service offering. 

In some areas, we can recommend you to a contractor for installation, as well as other consultants that you may require for the preparation of your permit application. 

We are currently vetting installation contractors in Ontario and Quebec. 

What is the warranty?

CRAFT Modular homes come with a tiered 7year limited warranty that is typical of new home warranties If you are interested in placing a reservation or ordering, we will be please to provide you with a comprehensive warranty statement for the home. 

Is there a show home available to view after the show?
We are working on placing a permanent model home in the Ottawa and Toronto area, will give updates when one is available.
How far can you ship and ADU and how much does it cost?
We are currently working on acquiring shipping partners and the logistics to ship to most parts of Canada and the continental US. Currently, the distance and cost are determined for each individual client.

Technical Details

What are the technical specifications of the homes, and what options and upgrades are available?

The details specific to each home design are provided on the dedicated webpage for each model.  

What type of insulation is used in the homes?

The units are insulated with a combination of closed cell spray foam, fiberglass batt insulation and insulated Zip sheathing.

What type of foundation can the ADUs be placed on?
Our recommendation is for the ADU to be placed on an insulated vented crawlspace. This allows the unit stay warmer in the winter with less use of the heat pump.

The units can be placed on a variety of foundation types including pile (screw/helical, concrete), foundation walls or other foundation types.

How far can you ship an ADU and how much does it cost?

We are currently working on acquiring shipping partners and the logistics to ship to most parts of Canada and the continental US. Currently, the distance and cost are determined for each individual client.


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